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annia ciezadlo  The New Republic online
The War on Bread: How the Syrian regime
is using food as a weapon

February 14, 2014
The New Republic online
The mass media frames food as something that brings the Middle East together during conflict, not something that tears it apart. Which is why, when leaders use food as a weapon, we often fail to recognize this hideous war crime until it’s too late.
annia ciezadlo  The New Republic
Bashar al-Assad: an Intimate Profile of
a Mass Murderer

December 2013
The New Republic
In 1982, not long after his father's military pulverized a town called Hama, Bashar Al Assad got a jet ski...
annia ciezadlo
Bread of Beirut
August 2, 2012
On bread, war, and the age-old tradition of the public oven.
annia ciezadlo
Let Them Eat Bread: How Food Subsidies
Prevent (and Provoke) Revolutions in the
Middle East

March 23, 2011
How the bread that used to ensure obedience turned into a symbol and a source of revolution.
annia ciezadlo
Eating in Public: Pleasure or Peril?
February 28, 2012
Echoes of Victorian finger-wagging from lawmakers who pit public eating against cleanliness, godliness and that elusive quality we refer to as being “civilized.”
annia ciezadlo  <i>Foreign Policy</i>
Eat, Drink, Protest
May/June 2011
Foreign Policy
In the wrong hands, food can be a weapon: a short, sweet history of food propaganda.
annia ciezadlo  <i>The New York Times Magazine</i>
Does the Mediterranean Diet Even Exist?
April 3, 2011
The New York Times Magazine
The more we try to eat like Mediterraneans, the more they're trying to eat like us.
annia ciezadlo  <i>Time</i>
History on a Plate
July 21, 2011
A short history of harisa/haleem, the mixture of meat, spices, and grains that people have been eating across continents and centuries.
annia ciezadlo  Newsweek
Lebanon’s New Locavores
June 5, 2011
Middle Eastern diners used to shun “peasant food.” But slow, fresh, and rural are gaining ground at Beirut’s trendy Tawlet.
annia ciezadlo  <i>Saveur</i>
They Remember Home  

December 2008
Marooned in Beirut, Iraqi refugees ease the pain of exile with home cooking. Included in Best Food Writing 2009.
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